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Social Responsibility

  • Alara primary school was built in Bursa after the disastrous earthquake in 1999. The school has advanced infrastructure for 450 students.
  • Alara funds the cost of living and education for 20 orphans in a bursa orphanage.
  • Alara established a class for spastic kids at the Alara primary school and arranged a special tutor.
  • 'The improvement of rural areas' project organized jointly by rotary club and alara created 70 entrepreneurs in a village called 'kuslar' in 2004. Alara delivered the trees free and shares its know-how to produce certified export quality cherries.
  • The Alara fruit house, in the center of Bursa, opened in october 2004 in order to demonstrate the new varieties of fruits and good agricultural practices in the orchards. Alara made an agreement with the ministry of education to train 9,500 primary school students for awareness of fruit growing and healthy diet.
  • Alara built Afyon University's conference Room in 2002.
  • In may 2005, Alara will plant a modern cherry and apple orchard in the garden of a retirement home in mihalliccik, Eskižehir where Alara has one of its own orchards. We will share the responsibility of the agricultural practices and purchasing of the product. All of the income will be used to improve the infrastructure of the residence.
  • Alara is the main sponsor of the world cherry symposium, which will be held in Bursa, between 6th and 10th of june. The global scientific cherry group will include researchers and professors all around the world.
  • Alara certifies its growers for Eurepgap (european retailers' protocol for good agricultural practices'. The World's largest grower certification is underway for the 2005 cherry season. Alara funds all of the cost for the audits and certifications. The cost for 2006 was roughly 120,000 euros.
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